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 warlock apply blazinnaga

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PostSubject: warlock apply blazinnaga   Sun Dec 13, 2009 6:19 am

1. General Information

My character name is blazinnaga, im playing a warlock that is currently using destruction spec. i got a secondary specc demonology but can always change to affliction aswell.

You can check my gear at

I don't really think my character needs an improvement im abble to play endgame content but there are always some gear i can change ofc.

I'm abble to understand and speak english on ventrilo.

The addons im using are DBM bartender 4 omen and recount the rest isnt really needed since im playing as a dps.

My dps on the dummy is 5.5k-6k only self buffed and in raid im always performing high lots of times im first.

2. Playing times & Raiding times

In an average week i make sure i do the random dungeon everyday+ weekly raid for frostbadges. Also im goign to all the raids where i can find an improvement for gear. and farming mats/gold for making the new items. If there are new bosses i make sure i look at the tactics online before im entering the raid so i know what im up against.

I will be abble to raid every day your guild is raiding and i will tell it before if there will be a day i can't come.

3. Former guilds, experiences & your motivations to join Ordo Draconis

My previous guild was warrior kittens i left there cause i was taking a break from wow back then after i killed yogg saron 25. you dont have to be afraid of me taking a break again cause i want to clear the fall of the lich king.
was in essential accenture last month but only as a friend and i want to be progress raiding myself. i could have appplyes there aswell since they needed an warlock but i didnt feel like staying in that guild. i like the peeps from ordo draconis more.

My overall raiding experiences from lvl 80 are:

ulduar 25 cleared at 19-5-09
toc 10+hc and toc 25
also cleared the new raid ICC 4/4 in 10man Smile

My ambitions of joining your guild is that i want an guild where im sure im raiding endgame content and hardmodes. Also i know some of the people in your guild and they have always been friendly with me.

You should invite me cause im a very skilled lock, make sure i know what im doing in raids and im friendly player. not afraid to whipe and make progress.

4. Personal information

-My name is nick, I'm 22years old and im living in the netherlands.

5. Varia

- cable
- blue
- active
- black
- ventrilo
- How much is 10110110
ten million hundred and ten thousand hundred and ten :p
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warlock apply blazinnaga
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