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Twilight's Hammer
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 holy priest

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PostSubject: holy priest   Fri Aug 27, 2010 6:24 am

1. General Information

- Your character name Babuns
- Your class Priest
- Your gear and talent build (the Blizzard Armory) http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Twilight%27s+Hammer&cn=Babuns
- What do you think needs most improvement on your character. weapons because it's are pvp atm.
- Are you able to understand and speak in english over ventrilo? Yes
- What bosses have you done from the currently available raids? 9/12 10 man, 7/12 25 man.
- Post a picture of your UI in a raid. https://redcdn.net/ihimizer/i/wowscrnshot082710152035.jpg/
- Post a picture of your performance in raid ( recount ), wws report or on the heroic training dummy lasting 1 minute at least, the more the better

2. Playing times & Raiding times I can raid almost all days the hours isn't problem for me.

- Describe what you do in an average online week. I'm trying to find 25 man pug and playing arenas.
- When are you online and what days are absolutely not possible? I can raid almost all days except Friday.
- What are your ideal raiding times? doesen't matter its not problem for me.
-- Monday:yes
-- Tuesday:yes
-- Wednesday:yes
-- Thursday:yes
-- Friday:not sure
-- Saturday:yes
-- Sunday:yes

3. Former guilds, experiences & your motivations to join Ordo Draconis I'm looking for good guild because i want to clean all instances also when cataclysm comes i want to have good guild that i can clean all instances asap.

- What were your previous guilds, and why did you leave them? Immortal i leave because we didn't have enough peoples to make raid groups.
- What are your overall raiding experiences so far? I know tactics for all bosses in ICC.
- What are your ambitions and motivations to join Ordo Draconis as a raid member? I want to raid with you and i know that i can help you.
- Why should you be accepted in the guild ? I don't have the perfect gear but I'm skilled and i know that we can clean all bosses.

4. Personal information

- Your first name Tzvetolub
- Your age 18
- Your country Bulgaria
- More information about yourself (optional)

5. Varia

- modem or cable? cable
- blue or red? blue
- active or passive? active
- black or brown? black
- ventrilo or teamspeak? ventrilo
- How much is 10110110
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PostSubject: Re: holy priest   Fri Aug 27, 2010 7:47 am

The guild is not recruiting or raiding at this time.
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holy priest
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