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 Lythium App(Sithiums Spriest)

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PostSubject: Lythium App(Sithiums Spriest)   Sat Dec 19, 2009 3:44 am

1. General Information

- Your character name
- Your class
Shadow Priest
- Your gear and talent build (the Blizzard Armory)
- List your titles you think are relevant to us.
Of the nightfall -Pre ToTC just as ld came out when it was actualy a real hard achievement
The Noble- Shows i put time into the game to grind achievements
Challenger- shows i know my class from a PvP side so i have experianced alot of my class
- What do you think needs most improvement on your character.
The Enchants/gems due to me just starting this char again i am abit low on gold and with the new gear rolling in its hard to catch this up, as they are abit behind i will make sure this will be in order within a few days
- Are you able to understand and speak in english over ventrilo?
Yes i am english and have ventrilo installed
- Post a picture of your UI in a raid.
Havent Put up my new UI yet OFC just started this char back up.But i know it very very well played Priest since start of TBC
- Post a picture of your performance in raid ( recount ) or on the heroic training dummy lasting more that 5 seconds.
https://redcdn.net/ihimizer/img709/4325/wowscrnshot121909094004.jpg i wasnt keeping VT on lawl missed it 4 SS

2. Playing times & Raiding times

- Describe what you do in an average online week.
As i said before Wow+Wow+Wow see the GF in the kitchen+ Wow ITS TRUE! i never leave the house i just play wow
On a more serious note I put alot of time within the game and i strive to become a stronger player and to do so you have to be active
- When are you online and what days are absolutely not possible?
I give you my time when applying so if you need me to raid i will be there. I will also show with pots well fed and what ever else will be needed for the session.
- What are your ideal raiding times?
-- Monday:Fine
-- Tuesday:Fine
-- Wednesday:Fine
-- Thursday:Fine
-- Friday:Fine but not everynight
-- Saturday:Fine
-- Sunday:Fine

3. Former guilds, experiences & your motivations to join Ordo Draconis

- What were your previous guilds, and why did you leave them?
Atonement its disbanded now due to a fail merge on my server i was i raid leader within atonement
This gives me an edge i take raiding serious... But i can have a laugh and i am a fun person to play with and not a immature whining 12 year old
- What are your overall raiding experiences so far?
Recently have abit of ToTC down and 1st boss ICC i know the tactics for ICC so it will be no problem for me
I have a huge overall raiding experiance with me raid leading which put alot of pressure on your and you have to focus which makes me good player. I can happyly say i will be just as focused and skilled within your raids
- What are your ambitions and motivations to join Ordo Draconis as a raid member?
To get back into the PvE content after going ICC i just couldnt stop wanting to raid. I want to go back to how i was raiding alot and pushing my self to be a well geared,skilled,motivated player
- Why should you be accepted in the guild ?
I can only give i will not take(maby a few epixz it is true but im no whore) I am a very motivated player and i will always arrive on time and play to the best of my abilities.
4. Personal information

- Your first name
Sam Lomax
- Your age
- Your country
- More information about yourself (optional)

5. Varia

- modem or cable?
- blue or red?
Depends on mood
- active or passive?
Active .... Get up and go!
- black or brown?
Black can go with any colour, Brown is a dull colour
- ventrilo or teamspeak?
- How much is 10110110
Alot of money 10mill now gief me it in gold Smile

Thanks for reading,
I am open to contructive Critasicum
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PostSubject: Re: Lythium App(Sithiums Spriest)   Sat Dec 19, 2009 5:32 am

Not a single item lvl245, not a single epic gem, most of your gear not enchanted. Enough said.
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PostSubject: Re: Lythium App(Sithiums Spriest)   Sat Dec 19, 2009 5:33 am

socket your items with epic gems pls were a serious guild and that is plain lazy
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PostSubject: Re: Lythium App(Sithiums Spriest)   

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Lythium App(Sithiums Spriest)
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